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We need new ways of thinking

…because if you’re asking WTF?
it’s already too late…


When the elephant won’t leave the room…

When you need to explore something new...

When you're not getting the results you want...

When you don't know what's around the corner...

Here's the idea...

To innovate and understand the problems you have to solve, we must break free from convention and limitation.

WTQ? brings together the power of diverse external perspectives with the proven advantages of dialogue, to do just that.


Harness the power of dialogue

Discussion conforms to the hierarchy in the room where the most senior or loud voice wins. Dialogue, however, expands your thinking beyond what you think you know, like…

How do you prevent an unknown disruptive event from derailing your strategy in three years’ time?

Dialogue breaks you free from convention. It uses the power of collaboration to create new perspectives.

Find clarity

Teams typically need just 4 x WTQ sessions to find their yellow brick road… (Although we can just run WTQ #1 and release you back into the wild, if you’d prefer!)

QUERY – exploring the question
QUALIFY – whats beneath the question?
QUORUM – who’s involved? How, why, etc
QUEST – develop your WTQ? action plan


We’re Carrie & Emma,
the founding Quokers

Meet Carrie!

Brought together by a shared passion for expansive thinking, and harnessing the power of an open and questioning mind (and a love for yellow IKEA chairs), we’ve been sparking ideas off each other, ever since 2020.

We want to help people. Help people learn, help people question their thinking and help people broaden their horizons to new approaches.

Meet Emma!

If the pandemic taught us anything it’s that:

  • our old ways of thinking didn’t see the pandemic coming
    (or didn’t take it seriously)
  • and no-one likes being caught with their pants down!

So, welcome to What the Quok?
Because if we’re asking WTF? it’s just too late.